Zine 0006 - Renaissance
Zine 0006 - Renaissance
Zine 0006 - Renaissance
Zine 0006 - Renaissance
Zine 0006 - Renaissance

Zine 0006 - Renaissance

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The Ottawa Design Club Zine is an annual volunteer project, dedicated to amplifying creative voices globally. With each new issue, the zine embarks on a unique theme, interpreted by the featured artists. Meticulously curated, these zines promise diverse designs and multisensory experiences.

Renaissance celebrates the concepts of rebirth and renewal through art. Both painfully honest and heartwarmingly uplifting, it expresses the truth of a rebirth experience, from the struggles of releasing what was, to the eventual embracing of what is now. Within 176 pages, it explores a wide range of both personal topics like motherhood, gender identity, and bodily acceptance, as well as artistic explorations such as reimagining classical artwork and repurposing old clothing. This zine is a rich experience guaranteed to change the way you think about life.   

Zine 0006 includes:

  • QR codes that lead to extra digital content.
  • Comes in 2 different covers (gold and pink or silver and yellow)
  • Comes with a Renaissance gold sticker

Ottawa, Canada, 140x215mm; 176 pages

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Sponsored by: 
Gilmore Reproductions
House of Common Studio
Wall Space Gallery
Sofar Sounds Ottawa 
SweetCheeks Kitchen 

Maryn Devine, House of Common